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Basic Information

What is BullBear?

BullBear is a fantasy finance app. You can learn finance and win gifts! Play fantasy trading and learn to invest for free. BullBear is a trading for beginner’s app focusing on real stocks, funds, indices and other assets from US and UK stock exchanges. Trade with dummy money and real end of day prices in a risk- free setting. Win league promotions and various gift certificates for free.

What does fantasy finance mean?

Users can create dummy portfolios and compete against others in public portfolio trading competitions.

Does it cost money to play?

No, Bullbear is free to use, but users can purchase 'Bears', our in-app currency described below in section 3 - Leagues & Bears.


What is portfolio trading?

Portfolio trading on BullBear involves the buying and selling of financial instruments such as stocks, funds and commodities to increase total dummy money value - assigned to each user at the beginning of a competition.

How to win?

A higher portfolio value at the end of a competition corresponds to a better final rank. The victory structure for each competition is mentioned in its information section.

Who can play?

Anyone above the age of 13 can play. Users under the age of 18 would require permission from a parent or guardian.

Which devices can Bullbear be played on?

Bullbear is configured for all smart phones and tablets. It will work on most Android and iOS devices that can connect to the internet.

How to download Bullbear from the Google Play Store?

Through the 'Get it on Google Play' button on our home page or here: 

How to download BullBear from the Apple App Store?

The link will be up shortly.

Profile and Registration

How do I sign up for Bullbear?

Once you launch the downloaded application, you can register by clicking on the sign-up icon on the home screen.

What information do I need for registration?

You need a valid email address, and will be prompted to choose a username and password for your account.

Can I set a profile picture?

You can set or change a profile picture by choosing one from your device during sign up, or in the profile section under the ‘More’ tab at any time.

Where can I change my username and password?

You can edit your profile credentials at any time by going to the profile section under the ‘More’ tab.

Can I change my email address?

Every user account is associated with their email address and changing it would change the account. Please contact us at for queries related to changing your registered email address.

How do I sign out from Bullbear?

You can sign out of Bullbear from your profile, available under the ‘More’ tab.

How do I uninstall Bullbear?

You can select to uninstall BullBear from the settings menu of your device.

Leagues and Bears

What is a league?

Each BullBear user is part of a league. This determines your proficiency level. You can sign up for competitions available in your league only.

What is the need for leagues?

The league system ensures fair competition. Each user can play against others of similar proficiency levels.

Why am I in the bottom league?

Each user begins in the bottom league. You can gain promotions to higher leagues by earning enough Bears.

What are Bears?

It is BullBear’s virtual in-app currency that determines your league and league rank. All competitions cost Bears to sign up for, and victory earns you more Bears.

How do I win Bears?

The number of Bears you can win depends on the length and difficulty level of the competition. This is defined in the bear structure of each competition, available in its information section. In general, placing in the top half of a competition will earn you Bears.

How many leagues does Bullbear have?

Bullbear has three leagues: Penny, for beginners; Mid-Cap, the intermediate league; and Blue Chip, the pro league.

How do I get promoted to higher leagues?

Each league has a minimum threshold of Bears that you need for entry into it. This is mentioned in the league information section. Once you have earned enough Bears you will automatically be transferred to a higher league.

What is different in higher leagues?

Higher leagues have better players and trickier competitions, which provide access to complex instruments such as commodity futures and currency pairs.

What do I get with promotion to the top league?

If you become a Blue-Chip player, you can take part in ‘the tournament’, which offers winners various prizes such as online financial subscriptions, equity reports, London based finance conferences and much more.

Can I get relegated back to a lower league?

Yes, your league level is determined by the number of Bears in your account. If you lose enough Bears in higher leagues, you would automatically be transferred back to a lower league, depending on your total Bear count.

How do I buy more Bears?

You can buy bears through the button provided on the home page.

I did not receive the Bears I paid for ?

Please contact us at 


What is a competition?

Bullbear offers multiple portfolio building competitions. Each user can form a portfolio of cash and investments such as stocks, funds, commodities and others. The value of this portfolio is determined by the real-world price value of the instruments selected in it.

How do I sign up for a competition?

You can sign up for all upcoming and running competitions in your league by clicking on the join competition tab.

What does it cost to sign up for a competition?

Each competition costs a certain number of Bears to enter. Each user has a fixed number of preset Bears in their account and can earn more by placing in the top half of a competition.

Why can I not join a competition?

You cannot enter a competition if it's outside your league or if you do not have enough Bears to register for it.

What happens if I have no Bears left to sign up for a competition?

You can buy more Bears through the prompt on your home page.

What determines my rank in a competition?

The total value of your portfolio on the last day of the competition determines your rank. A higher final value corresponds to a higher rank.

What is the £250,000.00 cash in my portfolio?

When you enter a competition, you get fake money to buy investments. Each user gets the same amount when they sign up for a competition. The total amount of fake money you get depends on the type and length of the competition.

What does the exchange rate of a competition mean?

As your dummy portfolio cash comes in pounds, the exchange rate applies to all instruments that are not quoted in pounds. It's kept constant for a particular competition.

What do I get if I win in a competition?

If you place in the top half of a competition, you earn Bears, depending on how high up you finish. This can be seen for each competition within its Bear structure, available in its information section.

How is one competition different from another?

Each competition focuses on specific financial sectors and runs for different timelines.

How many competitions can I sign up for?

You can sign up for all competitions available in your league as long as you have enough Bears to cover the entry cost.

How many competitions are there per league?

Each league has 5-6 competitions starting every week.

What is The Tournament?

The Tournament is a periodically run competition available in the top league. It offers victors informational prizes such as online financial subscriptions, equity reports, London based finance conferences and much more.

Instruments and Insights

What is an instrument?

An instrument is any financial asset that can be traded on Bullbear. The instruments available for selection include stocks, funds, commodities, currencies and indices.

Are these instruments relevant to the real financial markets?

Yes, each instrument available on BullBear is traded for real money in exchanges around the world. The price quoted on the app is the end of day price of the asset on a specific exchange.

Am I buying real assets in competitions?

No, you are buying fake assets because the money available in your portfolio is virtual.

Are the prices shown for each instrument real prices?

Yes, the price shown for each instrument is its actual closing price on a selected exchange across the world. This exchange is mentioned in the market information of all instruments.

Why does the price of an instrument not change?

Bullbear provides end of day pricing for each instrument that gets updated only once a day.

What is the sector of an instrument?

All instruments available on Bullbear are classified under an industry or sector.

What is the market of an instrument?

The market of an instrument is the financial exchange on which it sells for the price shown.

What is the trend of an instrument?

The trend of an instrument is calculated based on its price trend in the last 30 days. This measurement is based on comparisons between all instruments available for selection within a competition.

What is the volatility of an instrument?

The volatility of an instrument is calculated based on its price fluctuations in the last 30 days. This measurement is based on comparisons between all instruments available for selection within a competition.

What are insights?

The insights for each instrument give you a brief snapshot of the fundamental description of the asset, its sector and the market on which it is traded.

What are the latest updates?

The latest updates provide relevant real market news about the instrument, its sector or the market on which it is traded.