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The all new fantasy
finance app!

BullBear is an all new fantasy finance app. Learn to trade and invest in a risk-free environment, and win prizes! BullBear is built for beginners, focused on stock exchanges from the UK and USA. With BullBear, you’ll learn to trade with dummy money and real end of day prices, all in a risk free setting!

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Trading for Beginners!

BullBear is for anyone! At BullBear, we’ve removed all barriers to entry, meaning anyone can learn to trade in a fun and risk-free environment. Learn to trade with dummy money on the BullBear app and win gifts, completely free!

Enter a Competition

Join any number of competitions within your league. The BullBear Beginners league has stock based competitions such as FTSE equities and S&P500 stocks. Higher leagues have multi-asset competitions and offer gift certificates and prizes!

Build a Portfolio

Browse through the market with BullBear and choose from equities, funds, currencies and more.

Win Bears

Finish in the top fifty percent of a competition to win Bears! Our in-app currency keeps track of your progress by determining your league and rank.

Win gifts & promotions!

Rise through the leagues by collecting Bears and compete to win gifts and prizes.


Risk free.​​ Sign up for free and use dummy money to trade. Set non-financial incentives by competing for league promotions and gift certificates!

Entertaining and competitive.​​ Higher leagues provide access to more difficult competitions, varied assets, better players, gifts, and prizes!

Simple decision making.​​ BullBear is perfect for beginners! Each portfolio competition covers selected sectors and industries, and comes with easy filter options.

Detailed insights and updates. ​​Get historical price charts, risk ratings, sector information, fundamental insights and news updates on stocks, funds, currencies and more.


BullBear was born out of the need for a risk-free trading app. Here at BullBear, we noticed the lack of free and relevant personal investing guidance available in the United Kingdom.

We found ourselves stuck between being overwhelmed by too much information, and underwhelmed by the lack of. A rare few among the existing platforms, online or otherwise, provide an entirely free and entertaining platform to test and train investing skills.

This is why BullBear was conceived.

BullBear was founded in London in 2017. Our ultimate goal has been to combine factors of fantasy sports, console gaming and demo poker within the structure of the financial markets to encourage engagement and reduce hesitancy experienced by new investors. The BullBear application is tailored to assist users at all levels of experience and backgrounds with a system of progressive complexity, all while maintaining a risk-free and fun environment!